Sundays Magazine  
For an upcoming local art show, I used Canva to create a magazine featuring the participating artists and their pieces.  I enjoyed working with the artists to format the imagery and content for the layouts
SCC Voice Magazine Cover & the Student Hub Rack Card  
Illustrator, InDesign &   PhotoShop
We created both the magazine cover and rack card from start to finish.  From taking the photographs, to design, then to layout and printing, we experienced the full process
Southport Booklet  
Adobe Illustrator and InDesign 
This was a big project including editing all imagery and content. We were required to follow exact layout parameters.  After making our color and typography choices, we finished the booklet by printing, trimming, folding, and binding
Wax On Wax Off Poster            
Illustrator & PhotoShop
With its multiple illustrations, effects, and layering techniques, this was one of the most challenging projects in PhotoShop.  I started in Illustrator and pulled the designs into PhotoShop, where I finished all of the effects, layers, and typography
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