For Photography 101, we experimented with macro lenses.  This allowed me to get up close and view subjects in a way I wouldn't have considered before. I especially loved getting into nature and discovering all of the little bugs and interesting lichen growths
Center of Interest
For our Center of Interest unit, I found the perfect overcast day to walk around my neighborhood.  I enjoyed framing some of the historic little homes and paying attention to the variety of planted trees. See if you can spy a sly feline friend
Leading Lines 
The goal of finding good leading lines in photography points you to a whole new way of looking at angles and pathways.  I shot these throughout the course as I started noticing the unique perspectives all around me
Rule of Thirds 
The Rule of Thirds was the one basic element of photography I was familiar with before starting the course.  As I honed in on what makes for good balance and focal points, I started to better understand what my goals were in finding a good subject
Light & Landscapes
Finding the proper lighting was a challenge that I very much enjoyed.  I love the moods that natural light can set and plan to pursue this aspect further
Landscape week was a great section for us in Photography 101 -as we were forced to go outside.  I made a day of it and visited the Poinsett Bridge, the oldest in South Carolina. It had rained right before I got there, making the greenery even fresher
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